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No Nonsense Web Design

Saturday 5th December 2020

Website design, development & marketing

No Nonsense WebSocial Media & Blogs

Social Media companies such as Facebook and Twitter (among others) are currently playing a big part in the promotion of many online businesses. If you already have a business page on any of these, we can integrate it into your website and improve awareness. If you don't already have one but would like to, we can help you set it up.

Even if you don't have a social media page (and don't really want one), you can still benefit from the 'social revolution' by adding 'Like' buttons (and similar) to your website.

Blogging could be considered to be the 'grand daddy' of social media. Blogs have been around since the mid-late 90's, and although they were originally conceived as a form of online personal diary, they are now used widely for social marketing and promotion.

While blogs are fairly easy to set up, there is a definite art to writing engaging content and making the most of this media for marketing purposes. It also takes a certain amount of dedication and commitment to run a successful blog, so it's not for everybody. Again, we will be happy to help and advise you on the effectiveness of running a blog for your business.

Case Studies Case Studies ...

Case Study - Cafe Vita

Café Vita

Social Media interaction following a recent website redesign has helped increase visitors and bookings significantly.

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Case Study - The Health & Beauty Lounge

The Health & Beauty Lounge

Regular Facebook and Twitter updates keep followers up-to-date and build a community feel for the salon customers.

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