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Tuesday 22nd September 2020

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No Nonsense WebOur Privacy Policy

No Nonsense Web is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how we treat the Personal Information that you may give to us when you use this site.

How does this site collect Personal Information?

Whenever you complete any of our online forms (e.g. our Enquiry Form), you will be required to provide a certain amount of information about yourself. Some of this information will be mandatory in order to help us complete your request, while other information will be optional. Mandatory information is indicated by an asterisk (*) on these forms.

When completing such a form, you will be required to read and accept the terms of our Data Protection Notice, displayed at the bottom of the form.

How is your Information stored?

All information gathered from this website is stored on our own secure servers. No information is held on publicly accessible servers or third party sites. We do not sell or lease this information to third parties.

For details on how to remove your Personal Information please see our Data Protection Notice on each of the forms, or contact us by email at


No Nonsense Web reserves the right to use Cookies in order to collect information about site visitors, and to verify visitors accessing secure sections of the site.

Cookies are small text files that are collected and stored by your computer, and then sent to your browser when you access parts of a site. If you visit any of this sites secure areas, then we may use Cookies to store an identifying code in the file which means you can be identified (and verified) upon entering these areas.

Please Note: Cookies cannot access or deploy programs, and cannot contain or deliver viruses.

This website uses the following Cookies:

"CookieCompliance" - expires 30 days from visit
Used to allow/disallow cookies in line with current legislation.

'Easter Eggs', various - expire 90 days from visit
Used to save your progress in our Easter Egg Hunt if you join in.

"__utma" - expires 2 years from visit
"__utmb" - expires 30 minutes from visit
"__utmc" - expires at end of session
"__utmz" - expires 30 minutes from visit
Used by Google Analytics to help us analyse traffic and improve relevant website content.

For further information about how Cookies work, and how to delete or control Cookies, please visit

Contacting Us

No Nonsense Web has strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of all customer or visitor information. If you have any concerns or questions about your information, please contact us to discuss the matter further.

No Nonsense Web reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time in response to changing legislation or business issues. In such an instance a revised policy will be posted on this page.