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No Nonsense Web Design

Friday 5th June 2020

Website design, development & marketing

No Nonsense WebDomains & Hosting

Domain Registration/Transfer

If you have not yet registered a domain for your website, we can advise you on the availability of suitable domains. We can either register available domains on your behalf, or you can register them yourself with one of the major registration services.

If you have already registered a domain(s), there are a number of options available to you:
- if you also purchased a web/email hosting package along with your domain, please see the next section on hosting
- if not, we can set up your hosting on our server and simply 'point' your domain name(s) to that space, or
- we can transfer your domain and manage it on your behalf, together with your hosting needs.

Important note: we are not a domain registration service and as such we only register domains on behalf of clients as a part of our website design service.

Website & Email Hosting

If you already have suitable* hosting, we are happy to work alongside your current service provider to develop your new website. All we would need is FTP access to your web space.

Alternatively, we will be happy to supply your web and email hosting needs for you**. This is usually our preferred route as it enables us to develop your website in a familiar environment.

* Hosting packages vary widely between service providers. Here are some important factors to take into consideration:
- is it a Windows or a Unix server?
- what software is installed on the server?
- what are the limitations on your web space and/or website traffic?
- does it have email hosting included, and if so what are the limitations and mail types?
- is webmail available?
- does it have database capabilities included, and if so what are they?

** Our most popular hosting solution for clients is a follows:
- Linux server running Apache API
- 200Mb disk space, upgradable
- Perl, CGI, PHP support
- MySQL database
- 20 x 200Mb (Pop3) Email accounts, upgradable
- Webmail facility

Important note: we are not a primary hosting service and as such we only offer hosting to clients as a part of our website design service.

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