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No Nonsense Web Design

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Website design, development & marketing

No Nonsense WebDatabase Integration

Most businesses use some form of database to store information on such things as products, orders, customers, suppliers, etc. Depending on your website requirements, and the system you have in place, this information can often be repurposed to work online too. This can save a great deal of time by avoiding unnecessary duplication of data entry and the pitfalls of making typing and spelling errors.

The simplest solution to this is often a 'data dump' from your current system in a format that can be imported into your online database, e.g. a 'Comma Separated Values' file (CSV). Although this saves time, it does require manual updating (via a CMS for example) in order to keep both data sources synchronised.

In some cases, a 'live link' to your internal database system can be set up which will automatically synchronise your in-house system with your online system. This type of solution depends on a number of variables, and is only suited to larger eCommerce projects. Please contact us if you would like to explore your options.

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